We’re a typical twenty-something young professional couple currently living in Manhattan. Originally from the U.K. we’d lived in New York for about 5 years when we came to a realization…..

Our five years of weekends – that typically included drinking, dining, shopping, brunching, and aimless wandering – all seemed to blur into a singular memory, the constituent parts of which were largely indistinguishable. Our weekends had become as routine as the work week, the variety of our Saturday night speakeasy and Sunday brunch routine determined by yelp reviews and by whether we’d be out in Williamsburg or the Lower East Side. They were fun, decadent, and delicious times, but they were basically the same times, in slightly different settings, on repeat. And we’d gorged ourselves.

By contrast, each vacation we’d taken, no matter the passage of time, was a distinct reflection more visceral in our memory than any given weekend. We wanted to remember our weekends, to remember our 20’s, not just float through them. But the days are short, and the years shorter still, and you only have so much vacation. To do so would require making our weekends count again.  

So, in the summer of 2016, we set ourselves a challenge: Explore somewhere new, every weekend, for a year. Sometimes for the day, sometimes for longer.

That journey has taken us as close to home as Red Hook, and as far afield as Nicaragua. Our love of New York City has expanded to encompass a love of New York State and points beyond. The frontiers of our experience expanding radially, incrementally, weekend by weekend.

Where previously there were only place-names on a map, now there are memories. Memories of sandy beaches and craggy mountains, of bustling towns and silent forests, of views for miles and hiking trails for days, of waterfalls frozen in the winter and cascading in the summer, of autumn’s foliage and spring’s first bloom, of nights under canvas and mornings in hotels, of antique stores and vintage wine, of swimming holes and watering holes, of whiskey by the campfire and coffee by the roadside, of winding country roads and straight talk over dinner, of public houses and private jokes, of new pals, and of introducing old friends to new places.

We’d intended to capture our travels on instagram so that we’d have a personal archive. But some months in, after writing itineraries for various friends who were heading upstate for the first time with questions that we seemed able to answer, we decided to launch this blog.   

We hope you’ll follow our journey and maybe even find some inspiration for your own wanderings along the way.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for places we’ve not yet been. And if you have any questions will be glad to answer them – so please drop us a line to say hi. 

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

Joel and Denver