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City Island, NY, Guide (22/52)

Orchard Beach and City Island Guide “So….What did you get up to this weekend?” enquired a colleague. “We went on an Oceanside hike along a rocky coastal trail, hung out on a deserted golden beach, did some antiquing, and then ate seafood on a dock as the sun set. Look, here are some pictures….” “Wow….Looks amazing. Where were you, Maine?”…

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Governor’s Island, NY, Guide (14/52)

Governor’s Island had been on our hit list for quite some time. Whether by bike or by foot, spend a summer’s day here taking in the views of lower Manhattan and frolicking amidst the island’s tranquil parks, and you’ll return to the mainland feeling like you’ve been away for quite some time.

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Red Hook, NY, Guide (1/52)

Other than that trip to Ikea that everybody takes when they first move to NYC, we’re embarrassed to admit that we hadn’t previously spent any real time in Red Hook. We know, we know, we’re terrible excuses for New Yorkers, and evidently totally unqualified to be giving anyone travel inspo.

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