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New Paltz, NY, Guide (23/52)

First settled by French Hugenots fleeing religious persecution in 1678, today the town of New Paltz provides sanctuary to New Yorkers and Brooklynites seeking a different type of escape; to the students of SUNY New Paltz who lend the town a distinctly bohemian vibe; and to those lucky locals who call it home year round.

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Bovina and Andes, Catskills NY, Guide (20/52)

If you sculpted the most picturesque and quintessential upstate NY scenery imaginable; combined it with the best elements of Brooklyn foodie and design culture; and set it down at the feet of the Catskills, strategically placed an hour’s drive beyond more popular weekend haunts so as to ensure your paradise isn’t overrun with visitors but is still close enough for a weekend jaunt from NYC, you’d still fall short of describing the towns of Bovina and Andes.

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