The 52

Oh the places that you’ll go….

When we set out on our adventure in the summer of 2016 we had no idea where it would lead. We’re not yet done, but it’s already been quite the journey. To help keep track here’s a list of our weekend getaways from NYC to date.

As you can see, we’ve been having so much fun that we’ve fallen behind in writing many of them up. For those weekend getaways from NYC that are currently missing guides, we will catch up and have an itinerary online very soon…ish. And of course, there are more weekend trips to come. 

Red Hook, NY, Guide (1/52) 

Vermont, VT, Guide (2/52)

Shenandoah, VA, Guide (3/52)

Caroll Gardens, NY, Guide (4/52)

Breakneck Ridge and Cold Spring, NY, Guide (5/52)

Philadelphia, PA, Guide (6/52)

Jersey City and Liberty Park, NJ, Guide (7/52)

Staunton, VA, Guide (8/52)

Finger Lakes, NY, Guide (9/52)

Woodstock, NY, Guide (10/52)

Chincoteague, VA, Guide (11/52)

Cooperstown, NY, Guide(12/52)

Little Red Lighthouse, NY, Guide (13/52)

Governor’s Island, NY, Guide (14/52)

Hunter Mountain, NY, Guide (15/52)

Washington, D.C, Guide (16/52)

Beacon, NY, Guide (17/52)

Montpelier, VA, Guide(18/52)

Nashville, TN, Guide (19/52)

Bovina and Andes, NY, Guide (20/52)

Greenpoint, NY, Guide (21/52)

City Island, NY, Guide (22/52)

New Paltz, NY, Guide (23/52)

Charleston, SC, Guide (24/52)

Montreal, Quebec, Guide (25/52)

Hudson, NY, Guide (26/52)

Rhinebeck, NY, Guide (27/52)

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights, NY, Guide (28/52)

Christmas in the UK (29 & 30/52)

Winter Jazz Festival, NY, Guide (31/52)

Little Italy and the Bronx Botanical Gardens, NY, Guide (32/52)

Kingston, NY, Guide (33/52)

China Town, Flushing, Guide (34/52)

New Orleans, LA, Guide (35/52)

Nicaragua (36 & 37/52)

Baltimore, MD, Guide (38/52)

Saugerties, NY, Guide (39/52)

Green-Wood Cemetery & Industry City, Guide(40/52)

The Berkshires, NY/MA, Guide (41/52)

Peekskill, NY, Guide (42/52)